Is SEO Worth It For Small Business Owners in 2024

is SEO Worth It For Small Businesses

Is SEO still worth it: Despite increased competition and changes in search engine algorithms, SEO still offers significant value, especially for small businesses. Many of these businesses are just starting to explore SEO, often seeing it as an additional expense. Yet, as a SEO agency for small businesses, we've observed that small businesses frequently achieve the best returns on investment, largely due to lower levels of competition.


Why SEO Is Most Useful For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands out as perhaps the most effective marketing strategy for small businesses. This method excels because it targets potential customers precisely when they're ready to make a purchase decision, unlike social media or other marketing channels. With SEO, you can connect with people actively searching for your products or services, which simplifies marketing efforts and increases their effectiveness.


SEO and The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is a model that describes the journey of a customer from learning about a product to making a purchase. SEO primarily fits into the 'Desire' stage of this funnel, where potential customers have identified a need and are evaluating their options. This stage is crucial because customers have a high intent to purchase, making them more likely to convert from browsers to buyers.

SEO Marketing Funnel


This stage is crucial because customers have a high intent to purchase, making them more likely to convert from browsers to buyers. For small businesses, particularly when it comes to tradie seo this can generate a high return on investment. The ability to capture the attention of potential customers at the exact moment they are poised to make a decision is what makes SEO so powerful and lucrative, especially for small businesses seeking cost-effective marketing solutions.


How SEO Does This

Consider a scenario where someone searches "plumber Sydney" on Google. If your small business offers plumbing services in Sydney and your website appears first in search results, the person searching is very likely to engage with your business. This direct approach of reaching potential clients at the moment they are searching for your services leads to higher conversion rates.


What Businesses is SEO Not Useful For

Despite its advantages, SEO is not universally beneficial for all small businesses. For those in highly competitive industries or where the profit per customer lead doesn't offset the costs of SEO, it might not be the right choice. If you're considering using an agency, they should be able to determine whether SEO is a cost-effective strategy for your business. This assessment typically revolves around three key factors:

  • Competitiveness of Keywords: How challenging it is to rank for keywords within your industry.

  • Client Value: The revenue each client brings to your business.

  • Conversion Capability: Your business's effectiveness in converting leads into paying customers.

These elements will help decide if SEO can be a profitable marketing approach for your specific business scenario. It is best to consult with a reputable search engine optimisation agency to work this out.


Local SEO and its Benefits For Small Businesses


Local SEO


Local SEO is a crucial tool for most small businesses with physical storefronts. It involves optimizing your online presence to appear in search results for specific regional keywords and general location-based terms. A significant part of Local SEO is ensuring your business appears in the 'map pack'—the block of local business listings that appear on Google Maps and search results.


Why Local SEO Matters

Ranking highly in the map pack can greatly enhance your visibility and attract more clients. One of the simplest ways to improve your ranking in these local search results is by gathering reviews. Positive reviews not only boost your visibility in search results but also increase the likelihood that potential customers will choose your services or products. Speaking from personal experience, I tend to opt for services or products that have the highest or most positive reviews.


DIY Local SEO Tips

For small businesses looking to leverage Local SEO without the expense of hiring an agency, actively gaining customer reviews can be a game-changer. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive feedback online can significantly impact your rankings and, ultimately, your business’s success in attracting local customers.


SEO Costs For Small Businesses

The cost of SEO for small businesses can differ based on several factors, such as the agency you choose. Below, we have listed our pricing details. It's crucial to evaluate various factors when selecting an agency. Typically, larger agencies tend to charge more, whereas outsourcing the work might be less expensive. However, it's essential to assess the agency's reputation before committing to their services.


Price Range Competitiveness State of  Website
$400 - $600/month Low Competition solid SEO foundation and established google business profile
$600- $1,000/month Low Competition unoptimised or new website, new google business profile
$1,000- $1,500/month Low-Medium Competition new website/issues, new google business profile
$1,500- $2,000+/month Medium-High Competition unoptimised/website issues/new website


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