Google Algorithm Updates And Changes In 2023 Google Search Results

In 2023, Google implemented several updates to its algorithm, with a particularly major one in August that has notably altered the SEO landscape and search results. This article aims to provide a comprehensive summary of these updates and delve into the effects observed this far, offering insights into the evolving dynamics of search engine optimisation.


Summary Of The Updates


March 2023 Update: Focused on promoting high-value website pages, prioritizing websites that offer the best user experience and faster loading speeds​​.


April 2023 Reviews Update: Enhanced the fidelity of local search results by providing more precise and relevant reviews. Google renamed its Product reviews system to Reviews System and updated the language in guidance documents​​.


May 2023 Topic Authority System: Introduced a system for news-relevant content, especially for topics like politics, health, and finance. This system considers the source's notability, reputation, and originality of reporting​​.


August 2023 Core Update: Rolled out over 16 days, this update changed how Google analyzes content, emphasizing high-quality content for better website optimization and performance​​.


September 2023 Content System Update: Expected to focus on quality content that is relevant and useful to users. Changes include an improved classifier, hosting third-party content, and guidelines for content written by people or machines​​.


October 2023 Core Update: This update was part of several core updates released throughout the year, each targeting different aspects of the search algorithm and affecting website rankings​​.


November 2023 Core Update: Marked the second major update in as many months and was the fourth core update in 2023. Previous updates were released in March, August, and October. These core updates adjust the algorithms and are different from Google’s ranking systems. They can impact site rankings but don’t necessarily mean a penalty for spam


The Impacts On Search Results So Far

Since the implementation of the latest update, we've observed significant fluctuations in search rankings, a typical occurrence following major core updates. Notably, this particular update has resulted in a notable increase in the rankings of many websites we manage, underscoring the ongoing importance of robust search engine optimization strategies. This trend suggests Google's continued emphasis on promoting fresh, high-quality content.


Additionally, there's a growing conversation among SEO professionals regarding negative impacts experienced by some, leading to speculations about Google's enhanced efforts to refine user experience. With the rising integration of AI in content creation, making it simpler than ever to generate material, Google's focus seems to be on ensuring that only the most relevant and valuable content reaches its users.


We've also noticed a surge in visibility for platforms like YouTube and Reddit in search results. Google's increased inquiries about the usefulness of displayed content further hint at its commitment to user experience enhancement. This shift could also be a response to the rising popularity of social media channels like TikTok, which are increasingly being used as alternative search engines. These developments highlight the dynamic nature of search engine algorithms and the need for adaptive SEO strategies.


Is Blogging Dead?

The question of whether blogging has lost its relevance has been a topic of discussion among many SEO experts. Reports indicate that some blogs have experienced drastic reductions in traffic, with losses up to 80% in some cases. This trend echoes the annual debates around the supposed demise of SEO, which, in reality, remains far from obsolete.


The advent of AI has introduced a new dynamic in content creation. Numerous creators are churning out lower-quality content using AI tools, and it appears that Google's algorithm is becoming more adept at identifying and penalising such content. However, this does not imply that AI is detrimental to content creation. When used effectively, AI can significantly enhance the efficiency of content production, balancing out any potential decreases in clicks.


The key to successful blogging in this evolving landscape lies in crafting unique, user-friendly content. Our own blog's success can be attributed to this approach. We focus on identifying niche keywords, thoroughly addressing user queries, and analyzing search results for these keywords to develop more targeted and original content. This strategy not only improves user engagement but also aligns with the evolving criteria of search engine algorithms, proving that blogging, when done right, is far from being a thing of the past.


Google My Business Changes

In 2023, Google My Business, now renamed Google Business Profile (GBP), introduced several significant updates to enhance its functionality for businesses. Key changes include:


Direct Management on Google: Users can now manage their GBP directly on Google, making it more visible and accessible. This update eliminates the need for navigating through the dashboard URL and allows business owners to make swift edits and updates by simply searching for their business name on Google​​.


Enhanced GBP Dashboard: The revamped dashboard offers new features like viewing Google Insights and Analytics for a deeper understanding of business performance, reading and responding to the latest business reviews and ratings, creating Google Ads and Google Posts more efficiently, and making updates to business listings with ease. These features aim to enhance customer engagement and business visibility​​.


Messaging on Desktop: The update introduces desktop access for the messaging feature, previously available only through the app. This tool allows businesses to control chat availability, track message views, provide instant responses with FAQs, and create custom welcome messages. It also supports multiple users for the same profile, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration​​.


Google My Business Posts: This feature, crucial for boosting local rankings, now allows businesses to create various types of posts, including events, offers, product highlights, and welcome offers. Businesses are encouraged to use targeted content, compelling visuals, and an infotainment approach to maximize the impact of their posts​​.


Adding Social Media: An important addition to Google My Business is the simplified integration of social media handles. Businesses can now easily link their social media profiles through the dashboard by selecting the desired platform and adding the URL. This process marks a significant improvement over the previous method, which required embedding a code snippet on the business's website. Earlier, this method often resulted in delays of several months for the social media links to appear, if at all. This often led to businesses displaying outdated or incorrect social media information. The new, streamlined approach ensures more accurate and timely updates of social media links on Google My Business profiles.


These updates signify Google’s effort to streamline the management of business profiles while enhancing user experience and providing more tools for effective digital marketing and customer engagement.



In conclusion, the 2023 Google Algorithm updates have introduced key changes across various aspects of SEO. These include prioritizing high-value pages and user experience, refining review relevance, enhancing authority in news content, and emphasizing quality in content analysis. Despite these changes causing fluctuations in search rankings, they underscore Google's commitment to improving user experience and content relevancy.


These developments highlight the need for adaptive SEO strategies to navigate the evolving digital landscape effectively. Jible is a leading SEO agency and can assist your business if you have been negatively affected by the core update.

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