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At Jible, we understand how tough it can be to find effective SEO Coffs Harbour solutions. That's why our foundation is built on honesty and personalised strategies. We ditch the long-term contracts, letting you see real growth that's highlighted in our monthly updates. We get that every business is unique, so we adjust our SEO game plan to fit your company's trajectory, goals, and obstacles. Committed to exceeding the norm, we promise close teamwork with each client, aiming for results that really make an impact.

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Navigating the vast world of SEO can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Dive in with Jible's comprehensive, no-obligation website audit. Beyond just pinpointing areas of improvement, we're eager to help you truly understand different aspects of SEO and how it affects your website's standing in Google search results. By scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with us, you’re not only getting insights but actionable advice. We'll equip you with easy-to-implement, quick fixes that can make a tangible difference.  Don’t let potential website issues linger unnoticed. Get in touch with us, and let’s make sure your site stands strong in the digital landscape.


Embarking on our journey with a clear vision to revolutionise the central coast SEO landscape, Jible has steadfastly grown into a leading SEO agency, dedicated to elevating Sydney businesses to unprecedented heights. Leveraging a deep understanding of local search dynamics and a rich expertise in SEO Sydney, we craft digital marketing strategies that are tailor-made to meet your specific business goals. Our strategies are designed to increase organic traffic, enhancing your search visibility and ensuring a steady growth trajectory for your Sydney business. At Jible, it's not just about achieving high rankings; it's about creating a sustainable and impactful presence that echoes loudly in your industries sphere, allowing businesses to foster strong connections with their local audience while dominating the digital space.

SEO Services

We are a Coffs Harbour SEO agency, offering a variety of services that cater perfectly to what search engines love. Handling all our services in-house allows us to maintain high standards and deliver results that our clients adore.

Web Design

Want a new website for an existing or new business? Look no further than Jible's Coffs Harbour SEO agency services. Using the flexibility and affordability of popular CMS platforms, including WordPress, we craft websites that are not just visually aesthetic but are primed for SEO success. Our SEO background is highlighted in our web design approach as we ensure that every page follows best practices, paving the way for optimal keyword ranking and securing a timeless strategy that search engines will love.


On page SEO

Unlock the true potential of your websites copy with Jible's on-page optimisation SEO services. Delving deeper than most Coffs Harbour SEO agencies, we bring to light overlooked yet crucial tactics, refining every element on your page to not just attract but captivate the right audience. Our deep understanding of on-page SEO, paired with sophisticated content creation and keyword research tools, ensures that your pages are best optimised and resonate powerfully with your ideal customers for relevant keywords that will generate organic traffic Choose Jible for an on-page SEO strategy that stands unrivalled, bringing nuanced understanding and precision to every project.

Website Design and Administration

Creating a competitive Coffs Harbour SEO strategy demands a proficient handling of off site strategies, an area often not completed or done incorrectly by many SEO campaigns. At Jible, we emphasise the important role that off-page strategies play in a website’s ranking, often being the difference in getting to top positions. Armed with a deep understanding and commitment to future-proof white-hat SEO strategies, we elevate your site's authority, helping you get ahead of competitors and maintain steady search engine rankings. Entrust your off-page SEO strategies to us and witness a resilient digital presence that not only gets ahead but stays ahead, securing your place on the first search engine results pages.

Technical SEO

In the complicated world of SEO, the technical aspect holds a place of extreme importance in your SEO campaign. At Jible, our Coffs Harbour SEO services come with fixing technical SEO issues that often go unnoticed or unaddressed by other agencies. Our technical proficiency isn't just about solving problems; it's about elevating your website's performance to a level you might not have envisioned. By just fixing technical SEO issues, we have successfully propelled numerous clients to high rankings and driven web traffic. Partner with Jible, where we ensure your SEO strategy is built on a rock-solid foundation.

Google Ads services

At Jible, we recognise the power of complementing a solid SEO Coffs Harbour strategy with targeted Google Ads. Leveraging our profound understanding of SEO, paid ads and web development, we craft custom ads paired with carefully dedicated ladning pages to maximise your conversions and elevate your google search visibility to your target audience. This approach paired with organic SEO strategies, combining organic traffic strategies with a paid traffic strategy amplifies your reach to your target audience. Trust in Jible's expertise to create pathways for your brand to connect clearly with potential customers while maximising returns on your investment.


Our SEO packages

We aim to be transparent with SEO cost for your business website, as well as transparent about our SEO process so you know what to expect.

  • Small Business
  • $1200*
  • $1500*
  • This package is designed for businesses on a budget or trying in a low competition industry. Often this will be local SEO Coffs Harbour businesses.

  • Keyword Research
  • Monthly Reports
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • 5 Optimised Pages
  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Backlink Strategy
  • *This pricing is a guide, our pricing will be tailored to your individual circumstances.
  • Standard
  • $2000*
  • $2500*
  • This package is for Coffs Harbour businesses that want to get to high positions on Google. All features also include small business packages.

  • Competitor Keyword Research
  • Monthly meeting
  • Technical SEO fixes and optimisation
  • 10 optimised pages
  • Listing Management optimisation
  • Competitor analysis
  • *This pricing is a guide, our pricing will be tailored to your individual circumstances.
  • Premium
  • $3000*
  • $4000*
  • This package is made for those in competitive industries and want to take a more aggressive SEO approach. The features include standard.

  • Additional pages created monthly
  • Constant contact
  • Blog strategy
  • Custom optimised pages
  • optimised website design
  • High quality relevant backlinks
  • *This pricing is a guide, our pricing will be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Our SEO timeline

At Jible, we believe in complete transparency, which is why we present to you our detailed SEO timeline guide. This roadmap not only outlines the strategic steps we plan to undertake but ensures you are never caught off guard with unexpected developments so you can navigate your SEO journey with clarity and confidence.

  • Month One

    Your SEO Coffs Harbour journey will start with a strategy that is sculpted just for your business from an initial free consultation. In the first month, we'll present a clear SEO strategy full of objectives tailored to your distinctive needs. Depending on your chosen package, we aim to create most, if not all, essential pages. Beyond that, we prioritise enhancing your Google My Business profile and addressing any underlying technical SEO issues, laying down the important foundation for SEO success.

  • Month 2

    In the second month, we will give you a detailed report showcasing all the SEO achievements we've garnered in the initial month. This period is all about gaining traction through sustainable off-page SEO strategy designed to improve your site's authority and reach in a sustainable manner. Should your business benefit from a blog, this is the time we start laying the foundation for a rich and informative blog that resonates with your audience.

  • Month 3

    In the third month, Jible maintains a steady pace in advancing your off-page strategy, enhancing the effectiveness of your online presence. We will have more data on various ranking signals so we can update pages, ensuring that rankings improve. For those with a blog, expect a continuation in the creation of resonant content, building up a substantial backlog of content to keep your audience engaged. As always, we encapsulate the previous month's achievements in a comprehensive report, with page rankings likely to be present.

  • Month 4+

    As we step into the final stages of our SEO services, our strategies at Jible become more data-informed and precise. The sustained off-page SEO strategy ventures forward, coupled with the optimisation of existing pages with newfound insights from the data amassed over the previous months. We hone in on presenting a clearer trajectory of when to anticipate results, grounding expectations in real-time analysis. And once we hit the desired SEO milestones, we will discuss a maintenance pricing strategy that takes place to maintain your position in search results, even as Google evolves and new competitors step in. Our goal is to secure and sustain your business's hard-earned standing in the dynamic SEO landscape.


About Jible

The Best Coffs Harbour SEO Agency


Entering the SEO scene with an aim to redefine the current state of digital marketing, Jible spotted a glaring gap in the outcomes generated by traditional SEO approaches—often leading to minimal results. Driven by an insatiable urge for constant betterment and mastery in marketing, Jible has successfully adapted this to SEO. We don't just keep up with the latest tech; we utilize it to develop SEO tactics that are not just effective but also yield peak results, refining campaigns to sheer excellence. With Jible as your Coffs Harbour SEO consultant, you're not simply buying a service; you're entering a partnership powered by enthusiasm, skill, and a relentless ambition for top-notch quality. Choose Jible for SEO digital solutions that embody innovation and commitment, reflecting a vision set on pushing digital marketing to unparalleled levels.


Kicking off our adventure with a focused goal to transform the Coffs Harbour SEO scene, Jible has consistently evolved into a top-notch SEO agency, committed to lifting Coffs Harbour businesses to new peaks. Utilising a thorough grasp of local search trends and extensive know-how in SEO Coffs Harbour, we develop online marketing game plans specifically tailored to reach your unique business objectives. Our strategies aim to increase organic traffic, boosting your online visibility and securing a constant growth path for your Coffs Harbour venture.


Common Questions

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, functions by tweaking a website to enhance its visibility on search engine result pages. This involves multiple tactics, such as incorporating relevant keywords wisely into your website content, boosting page load speed, and delivering a mobile-friendly user interface. This is merely an intro to SEO, as you'll discover when you book a consultation with us. The objective is to pull in more organic, aka non-paid, traffic to your website via improved rankings on search result pages. Effective SEO approaches consider the intricate algorithms utilized by search engines to sort websites and consistently adapt to shifts in these algorithms to sustain or boost website rankings. It's essentially about rendering your website more appealing to various search engines to make it easier for people to locate your business.

Absolutely, catapulting your business website to the first page of Google's organic search results is our primary aim! Having successfully lifted various businesses to page one for their chosen keywords, we use our expertise in Coffs Harbour SEO to formulate strategies that are finely tuned to your business objectives. The path to the first page is meticulously mapped out, focusing intently on grasping your specific business environment and competitors. Our methods, refined through extensive experience in SEO in the Blue Mountains, strive to not only land a first-page ranking but also to secure a dominant spot there, aiding you in achieving and surpassing your business ambitions. At Jible, we go beyond mere first-page appearances; we aim for a long-lasting SEO strategy that keeps you on that first page, prominently and consistently showcasing your business, always in sync with your Coffs Harbour SEO goals and business objectives.


Absolutely, SEO will continue to hold significant relevance in the coming years. Despite the constant skepticism and the emergence of new social media platforms, SEO has remained a viable option, particularly as Google Ads become increasingly expensive. Just think about your own search habits when seeking services; like many, we often find ourselves turning to Google to seek out the majority of services we need. This trend is not isolated but a common behaviour that underscores the constant importance of SEO. The ever-evolving landscape of SEO allows it to adapt and retain a vital role in helping people find the businesses and services they are looking for. So, yes, we firmly believe that SEO will continue to matter, steering individuals to the services they seek, through focused and strategic optimisations that enhance visibility and reach.

Determining the endpoint of an SEO journey is not straightforward, as it largely depends on the specific needs and goals of your business. While search engine optimisation is inherently ongoing, adapting to the continuously evolving landscape, our seo services can also be structured as a one-off project tailored to meet distinct objectives. Some businesses may find value in a years-long SEO campaign that adapts and grows with them, fostering a strong google search presence. Ultimately, the "finish line" for a SEO strategy is a flexible concept at Jible, with strategies that can stand be one off SEO projects or evolve over time, consistently fueling your business's growth and success in the digital marketing space.

Absolutely not! While we take great pride in providing a strong SEO campaign specifically designed to meet your business goals, Jible is also a full-service digital marketing agency capable of crafting a complete digital marketing strategy. Using a deep grasp of the digital terrain, we build all-encompassing digital marketing plans that extend far beyond just SEO. Our proficiency stretches across multiple aspects of digital marketing, ensuring all key elements are perfectly aligned to function in unison, propelling you towards your business objectives in an efficient and effective manner.



Our SEO specialists understand that each business comes with its unique set of requirements and goals. This understanding is reflected profoundly in our approach to crafting SEO services and digital marketing services packages. Our packages are created as guides that are subject to customisation to align seamlessly with your business needs. This means the final package could be more or less expensive, taking into full account the specific demands and objectives of your business. Our primary focus is to provide you with a tailored SEO strategy that not only fits your budget but is geared towards driving tangible results, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and optimal performance.

Every month, we at Jible are committed to providing you with a comprehensive report that covers a range of vital metrics to keep you updated on the progress of your SEO strategy. This includes data on website traffic and impressions, giving you a clear picture of how many people are seeing your page. We don't stop there; we dive into the SEO achievements garnered over the month and detail the ranking of your page for targeted keywords, helping you understand your standing in the digital space. To ensure clarity and an open line of communication, each report is accompanied by a quick call where we walk you through the results, offering a clear and concise overview of the month's achievements and laying out the roadmap for future strategies.

as an SEO company in Coffs Harbour, We at Jible have fostered deep connections and an understanding of the local SEO business landscape. Leveraging this rich network and geographical advantage, we scan elevate your local SEO, providing you with the tools and strategies to dominate in your respective markets. Our SEO specialists are experienced in constructing a clear SEO strategy that make us the best SEO company in Coffs Harbour. With a rich history of working closely with local businesses in Coffs Harbour, we come equipped with a wealth of experience in local SEO. This allows us to craft strategies that not only enhance your page rankings but do so with a focus on attracting the right local audience, fostering growth, and driving success for your local business. So if you have a Coffs Harbour business and want to improve your SEO contact us today!

While our agency focuses on elevating Coffs Harbour businesses, our expertise isn't restricted to just this local SEO strategy. Our Coffs Harbour SEO company are fully geared to support businesses across Australia and even on a global scale. Armed with a deep understanding of SEO and search engine results page increasing, we're ready to ramp up website traffic for businesses both near and distant, delivering the same level of service that has made us a trusted option for SEO in Coffs Harbour. We harbour a steadfast commitment to propelling every business to its peak performance, whether situated locally or further afield. Reach out to Jible, where our Coffs Harbour SEO services overcome geographical barriers, bringing effective SEO solutions to all.

Google My Business optimisation

Navigating through Google My Business can be a maze, but that's where we come in as your dedicated Coffs Harbour SEO experts, armed with precision and know-how. We make sure all your data is spot-on and use the best practices to maximise the potential of your Google My Business google maps listings. But we don't stop at Coffs Harbour directories; our specialists broaden their scope to include Australia-wide listings on various platforms. This strategy aims to elevate your profile to the pinnacle of local map packs in search engine results.

Our expertise extends further than just getting your business listed; we leverage our deep background in online marketing to establish solid channels for collecting reviews from your current clients. Focused on local SEO, this strategy doesn't just elevate your rankings; it also significantly amplifies conversion rates, as potential customers are more likely to trust a well-reviewed business. Dive into our Google My Business SEO services, and let's carve out a pathway for your business to get to the first page of google, reflecting both your credibility and extensive reach.


Get ahead of the competition

Keeping a step ahead of your rivals in today's digital world requires more than just standard SEO; it calls for a proactive, well-informed game plan. Enter Jible. Our Coffs Harbour SEO agency employs state-of-the-art SEO tools to dissect your competitors' tactics, gauge their pros and cons, and spot chances for you to differentiate. Using our advanced analytics toolkit, we identify the most impactful keywords, backlinks, and content approaches to propel you beyond your competition. Yet, our dedication isn't just about catching you up; we're determined to keep you in the lead. To pull this off, we're constantly updating our expertise in sync with Google's ever-changing algorithms. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest SEO trends and Google shifts, we can tweak your SEO campaign on the fly, offering you a vital advantage in a cutthroat market.