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Plumbers looking to grow their business must understand the importance of targeted search engine optimsation (SEO). The right keywords can act as a beacon, drawing potential clients to your services through online searches. By optimizing your website with these strategic keywords, you can enhance visibility, drive traffic, and ultimately, grow your customer base. Whether you’re aiming to dominate local searches or expand your reach, mastering the art of keyword optimization is key to unlocking your business's potential online.


Generic Keywords For Plumbers

These are the generic terms for plumbers. These terms volumes are very high but its important to keep in mind this is Australia wide. Since most plumbing businesses only operate in a local region the website would only be displayed for that area if you have set up your SEO strategy correctly. We used a tool called SEMrush to get the volume volume values, and these are per month.




Top Locations For Plumbers

Below we have some location based keywords, these are from people looking for a plumber in a specific region and can give you a good idea of the most popular places for plumbing SEO keywords. It is important to keep in mind that these places also have higher competition for these terms, which will increase the cost of SEO but also lead to a higher return on investment.



Full List Of Generic Free Keywords For Plumbers

Below we have a list of keywords for plumbers with volumes. These are listed in order from highest monthly searches to lowest. You can download an additional 50 words by filling in the form below!


Keyword Search Volume Category
plumber 14,800 C
plumbers 6,600 C
roof plumber 2,900 C
emergency plumber 2,400 T
gas plumber 1,000 C
blocked drain plumber 720 C
gas plumber near me 1,600 T
roof plumber near me 1,600 T
emergency plumber near me 1,300 T
roof plumbers near me 1,300 T
drain plumber snake 1,000 I/T
local plumber 1,000 I/T
gas plumbers near me 880 T
local plumber near me 880 T


Download the full list now 


Need Some Help?

Above is our curated list of top generic keywords essential for plumbers. Are you finding it challenging to manage the SEO for your plumbing business? Reach out to us at Jible today to schedule a complimentary consultation and site audit. We'll provide you with practical tips to enhance your SEO strategy effectively.


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